Holistic Medicine Vs. Western Medicine LEAFtv western medicine vs holistic medicine

The language of holistic medicine varies depending on the modality chosen. However, the diagnosis inevitably includes the contribution of the patient to her condition, but may not include the name of a specific condition or disease. Recommendations may include dietary changes, incorporating exercise, guided imagery or meditation exercises, and direct treatments with acupuncture, herbs, or […]

Complementary vs. Alternative Medicine What’s the Difference western medicine vs traditional medicine

UpToDate: “Patient Education: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments for Cancer .” American Cancer Society: “How Are Complementary Methods Used to Manage Cancer?” Few people use alternative medicine, and experts recommend against it. But more and more traditional doctors are accepting complementary medicine. In many cases, the two health systems actually overlap. For instance, many traditional […]

Alternative and western medicine typically consists of Western Medicine

People with minor illnesses may be more likely to use CAM therapies as their treatment options within conventional healthcare may be limited. Healthcare providers are less inclined towards the management of non-medically serious disorders, although these can have a significant impact on patient’s quality of life. The terms ‘alternative’, ‘holistic’ and ‘complementary’ are commonly used […]

The cultural western medicine beliefs assumptions behind Western medicine

In any cultural context, people with some medical conditions are assumed to “responsible” for their illness, while others are regarded as blameless. Thus, for example, in western countries where smoking has become viewed as a filthy and stigmatised habit, people with lung cancer are often assumed to have been smokers and therefore viewed as “ […]